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Premium Electrostatic Sprayer

Premium Electrostatic Sprayer

SKU: saniprosprayer

Electrostatic sprayers are required for servicing all residential customers and select commercial customers. Purchasing a sprayer increases the volume of jobs you will be eligible for in the Sani360 platform. You may elect to lease or purchase a sprayer through Sani360 for your convenience. Our premium sprayers offer optimum spray range and battery run time compared to competitior products.  This helps make your job easier by reducing the amount of solution needed and increasing the number of jobs you can do each day. Learn more here:


You may purchase your own electrostatic spraying device for servicing Sani360 customers so long as the device you purchase meets these following minimum specifications:


Minimum Specifications for 3rd party electrostatic sprayer

  • Tank Size: greater than or equal to 3 gallons 
  • Voltage: greater than or equal to 10V
  • Power: cordless/rechargeable battery
  • Battery run time: Minimum of 4 hours 
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