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Meet Our Cleaning Experts

To the Edge Universal Services, LLC

Primary Cleaner: Angela Watkins

To the Edge Universal Services provides janitorial and handyman services for schools, churches, medical facilities, and office buildings, among other places.

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Just Cleaning Detroit

Primary Cleaner: Tommy Allen

Just Cleaning Detroit has years of experience in providing high quality, affordable cleaning for your home & office.

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Porsha Parker

Primary Cleaner: Porsha Parker

Porsha Parker is a cleaning professional that always provide quality cleaning service and great customer service experience.

“You Go Girl” Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Service, LLC

Primary Cleaner: Acheenia Hall

“You Go Girl" Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Service LLC is a professional cleaning company that was established in 2015. They pride themselves as a contender among the best of the best cleaning services in Michigan 

Latoya Pringle

Primary Cleaner: Latoya Pringle

Latoya is a cleaning professional that specializes in commercial and residential cleaning. She has experience in warehouse cleaning and is flexible to work in any environment.

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Zarcoria Sabrina Thompson

Primary Cleaner: Zarcoria Thompson

Zarcoria Thompson is an experience cleaning professional that always adheres to established procedures to provide a safe working environment including complying with OSHA, state/local, federal, and Aramark regulations 

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